This page functions as a portfolio – or, if you’re from the journalism world, “clips” – that gives a general overview of what I write and think about.

For the 2018-19 (full archive available upon request) and 2019-20 college basketball seasons, I previewed every Tennessee Volunteers basketball game for a pair of local outlets, FOX Sports Knoxville and Reed’s Ranch. Below are the five posts I believe were my best work:

Under Rick Barnes, the Tennessee basketball program has surged back to national relevancy. I’ve done full dissections of both the 2017-18 defensive resurgence and the 2018-19 offense. I also did a video breakdown of Kyle Alexander, now-former Tennessee center.

Outside of Tennessee athletics, I’ve written about Division III Randolph-Macon building the best defense in college basketball, along with a dissection of the 5-out offense sweeping Northeastern colleges in Division III. During the summer of 2019, I wrote about 36 of the best offenses in college basketball as part as a series titled Building a Better Basketball Offense, dissecting what each one does particularly well and interviewing 27 coaches along the way. For the summer of 2020, I interviewed several Division I and II coaches as part of a series titled Program Reviews covering their 2019-20 seasons. Lastly, I cover a broader range of stats work under the Basketball Statistics tag, ranging from a dissection of the most successful offenses in college basketball to a breakdown of the nonexistent 2020 NCAA Tournament. During the COVID spring/summer of 2020, I interviewed several more Division I and II basketball coaches as part of a series titled Program Reviews.

On the non-basketball side, I run computer projections for every state of Tennessee high school football game. These projections typically succeed at picking around 79-83% of winning teams each week and have correctly picked the winner in 16 of the last 18 state football championship games. If you’d like to read any of these projections, you can click on this tag.

If you’d like to contact me, the best place to do so is statsbywill@gmail.com. I’ll try and get back to you in a timely manner.