Offense Series

For the 2018-19 basketball offseason, I wrote a series on seven key components of a basketball offense. The series is titled Building a Better Basketball Offense. The goal of this series is not to create the perfect basketball offense, which is an impossible task. The goal, through video review and statistical analysis, is to find what makes the nation’s best offenses click. Each offense is different because each team has different players and different coaches. If you’re a coach reading this, I want this series to show you a new set or a new idea that you can add to your offense. This series isn’t meant to completely overhaul your offense; it’s intended to make it a little better.

Each component of the series is based on personal research, with help from coaches of teams involved. New installments were released every three weeks, with the first installment being released on May 8, 2019. (There’s a four-week break between installments #3 and #4 that allowed for a midpoint breather.) The schedule is below, with each installment and team covered linked:

This seven-part series is designed to appeal to coaches, players, and fans in an attempt to make each component of an offense understandable, with obvious paths forward and ideas to spark something new in a team’s offense. I sincerely think that the non-Division 1 schools featured in this series deserve recognition on the level of larger schools. This series is something I dreamed of doing for three years, and it has been incredibly exciting to share my dream with the world.

Each installment includes a link to notes or quotes I didn’t have space to use. This will also include each GIF/video clip I created, plus links to each team’s games for additional context and individual usage. (If you’re a coach who doesn’t want your team’s games included, just email and I’ll remove them without issue.)