Show Me My Opponent: Alabama (#2)



  • After rolling through 10 starting lineups in 2019-20, Nate Oats reverted to his opening night lineup for the season finale. It did not go well. Regardless, the most recent starting lineup was Lewis, Shackleford, Petty, Jones, Smith.
  • To be honest, as of when I’m writing this – 6:30 PM ET, Wednesday, March 11 – I don’t actually know if this game is going to be played due to the COVID-19 scare. That said, if they do play the game, you can count on an eight-man rotation (Bolden, Reese, Davis) with Jaylen Forbes sometimes getting enough minutes to count as the ninth.


  • Vescovi, Bowden, JJJ, Pons, Fulkerson.
  • Again, who knows if this gets played or not, but assuming it does, Tennessee has firmly moved to a six-man rotation with Jalen Johnson as the sixth and Gaines/Nkamhoua/Plavsic getting very spare minutes.


Santiago Vescovi vs. Kira Lewis. Vescovi was horrid from the field in the first match, going 2-for-15. And yet: 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals. Lewis got 19 points on 15 shots and didn’t attempt a single free throw, which was a victory. I guess I’d take something similar.

Jordan Bowden/Josiah-Jordan James vs. Jaden Shackleford. Shackleford committed three turnovers in the last one and generally didn’t do a ton, but he’s taken on a larger role late in the season. I’d prefer if Bowden gets more minutes defending him, but we’ll see.

You vs. The Thing. Wash your hands. Please.


Alabama 74, Tennessee 73.

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