How the stats would’ve picked this year’s (theoretical) 2020 NCAA Tournament

FINAL FOUR (Atlanta, GA)

Here’s how our Will Warren Invitational Bracket looks heading into the Final Four, now being held at – and we’re calling to make sure this is correct – Fox Bros BBQ:

Our Final Four is as follows:

  • Midwest Region: (1) Kansas
  • West Region: (3) Duke
  • South Region: (5) West Virginia
  • East Region: (2) San Diego State

Because why not. So here’s the updated odds:


Final Four

(1) Kansas over (2) San Diego State. Kansas is the better team by a sizable margin, and it’s honestly kind of crazy SDSU is here after winning two overtime games. What are they doing here? They’re so tired! Anyway, we move Kansas onward.

(3) Duke over (5) West Virginia. This ends up being the better game of the two, but Duke is marginally superior, so we ride with them.

The Will Warren Invitational Championship Game

(1) Kansas over (3) Duke. 1 seeds that start out at 15% or better to win the national title are 12 for 24 in winning it all. Duke deserves to be here, but we’re going to side with the team that’s been the best team in college basketball this season. Your 2020 NCAA Tournament* Champion** is Kansas.

Here’s a quick Q&A again.

  • Is this how the Tournament actually would’ve unfolded? Of course it isn’t! There would’ve been 1-2 13-16 seed upsets, and I likely would’ve missed on at least one or two upset picks. That said: I would’ve been pretty darn confident in this Final Four.
  • Can I follow in your footsteps by making my own bracket? Of course you can, just click here and use the sheet “Your madness.”
  • Your picks suck! Why’d you take [team] over [team]? Because the site is titled Stats by Will and not Stats by Jeffrey.

Anyway, I hope this provides a welcome distraction during the days to come. Email me at if you’d like to talk about it!

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