Show Me My Opponent, 2020-21: Missouri (#2)

You remember this team. It’s the one Tennessee played and beat by 20 just over three weeks ago. That was pretty easy! I have a feeling this will be a little less easy. Such performances probably represent the absolute peak of what Tennessee can do on a basketball court, but undeniably, a win is needed after Tennessee’s Tuesday implosion. In some ways, it’s like the reverse of the first game: you’ve got to bring the fans back up to earth instead of having to keep them grounded.

The below game information section is included to relieve pressure from the mentions of such esteemed writers as Grant Ramey and…probably just Grant Ramey.

  • THE OPPONENT: #19 Missouri (9-2, 3-2).
  • THE TIME: 8:30 PM ET???? For some reason?
  • THE CHANNEL: SEC Network.
  • THE SPREAD: Tennessee -7.5.

If you’d like to skip ahead to a certain section, click below:

NEXT PAGE: Hey Jon Sundvold I hope you’re reading this. Can you call more games involving Tennessee? I did not realize that you sounded exactly like David Letterman and I would like to hear more of it

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