Show Me My Opponent: Alabama State


Alabama State:

  • Already on second starting lineup of the season, and hear out how bizarre it is: the second lineup has one starter in common with the first. Therefore, I think? the starting lineup is as follows: Heath/Hamilton/Stewart/Ewuosho/Battle. But the first one was Holston/Ross/Daniels/Robinson/Battle?????
  • If you like large benches, this is your team. Alabama State will play ten players against Tennessee and substitute frequently. Against Houston, the Hornets substituted players every 2:21 on average.
  • At 6 feet, 3.5 inches, this is the smallest team by average height on Tennessee’s schedule. (Tennessee: 6 feet, 5.6 inches.)
  • It’s hard to get into lineups, really, but the most frequent one is Holston/Ross/Daniels/Ewuosho/Robinson. Kevion Stewart has the best plus-minus at -1 in 33 minutes.


  • Turner/Bowden/JJJ/Pons/Fulkerson.
  • Rick Barnes mentioned this after the Washington win, but Tennessee only has about seven playable dudes right now. They’ll play all of Gaines/Kent/Pember/walk-ons in this one, I’d imagine.
  • Lamonte Turner’s minutes so far: 36, 39, 39. He needs Load Management badly.


Uhhh…Yves Pons vs. Tobi Ewuosho? Ewuosho looks to be Alabama State’s best player by some distance, and it will serve as a solid defensive test for Pons to guard a guy that gets to the rim and shoots threes. However, Ewuosho has been bad defensively, and Pons really should be able to rack up his fourth-straight 10+ point game. You read that correctly: FOUR STRAIGHT DOUBLE-DIGIT OUTINGS. He might even get to 15 for the fourth straight game. If Pons gets to 21 points, he’ll have tied his entire 2018-19 scoring output four games in.


Tennessee 81, Alabama State 57.

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