Show Me My Opponent, 2020-21: Tennessee Tech

Lineup notes

Tennessee Tech:

  • Most likely starting lineup is Clay, Davidson, Franklin, Harvell, Goldman, as that’s what they ran out in both Jacksonville State games.
  • Finding quality reporting on mid-majors in small towns like Tech is very hard, and because of that, I can’t reliably find out who’s been available and who hasn’t for each game. That said, it looks like the last two Jacksonville State games were the first time this season everyone in their main rotation has been available at the same time. They lost by 6 and 24 points, so I don’t know if it matters.
  • Rotation appears to go about nine-deep on a non-blowout night; they played 13 against JSU on Wednesday and probably will against Tennessee.


  • Until something changes, safe to assume Vescovi, Bailey, James, Pons, Fulkerson to start.
  • Barnes got to try out 23 unique lineups against App State on Tuesday, which averages out to a unique lineup every 1:44 of game time. We’ll see if he breaks that temporary record tonight.

Key matchup

I guess Jr. Clay vs. Santiago Vescovi. Clay is literally the only member of the Tennessee Tech squad with a positive Box Plus-Minus, and just from watching both Jacksonville State games, he looks the part of the best player the Golden Eagles have. Should be a good defensive test for Vescovi.

Three predictions

  1. Tennessee forces 17 or more Tennessee Tech turnovers;
  2. A Tennessee player gets to 16+ points for the first time;
  3. Tennessee, 79-51.

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